Mednar is a free, medically-focused deep web search engine. Mednar accelerates your research with a search of authoritative public and deep web resources, returning the most relevant results to one easily navigable page.

LINK: http://mednar.com/mednar/desktop/en/search.html


The Clinical Trials Search Portal provides access to a central database containing the trial registration data sets provided by the registries listed on the right. It also provides links to the full original records.

LINK: http://apps.who.int/trialsearch/


The mission is to create a site for gathering and exchanging information on research centers, innovative therapies conducted in Poland, researchers specializing in the treatment of specific disease units, job seekers and all people regardless of age or knowledge of medicine and pharmacy.

LINK: https://bkwp.pl/clinical-trial/search


Seenso is a semantic medical search engine engineered to promote public health education and self-care at home. It is aimed at providing high-quality medical information to internet users.

LINK: https://www.seenso.com/


Use MyGene2 to search for and contact other families who have the same condition or mutations in the same gene to share information and offer support

LINK: https://mygene2.org/MyGene2/


Trip is a free clinical search engine. Its primary function is to help clinicians identify the best available evidence with which to answer clinical questions. Its roots are firmly in the world of evidence-based medicine.

LINK: https://www.tripdatabase.com/


Coremine Medical is a product of the PubGene Company designed to be used by anyone seeking information on health, medicine and biology.

LINK: http://www.coremine.com/medical/#search


Search for a variety of information with this medical search engine. Available are specific searches for medications, information in specific journals, medical definitions, medical books, articles, web searches and much more.

LINK: http://medicalndx.com/


Geared toward medical professionals and those in the biotechnology field, this search engine finds information from journals, organizations, and databases.

LINK: http://www.medbioworld.com/


Openmd.com, a Medical Research Engine for Physicians. It is a custom search engine that jumps over layman-focused sites and returns only credible medical site links on the first results page and on every results page.