Fagan Finder is a meta search engine. It includes collection of internet tools, mostly for helping you find anything and everything online.

LINK: http://www.faganfinder.com/


2lingual makes it easy to Google Search in 2 languages. Currently 37 Google Search Languages are supported.

LINK: http://www.2lingual.com/


Instya is a meta search engine. By this tool you can searching shopping sites, dictionaries, answer sites, news, images, videos and much more

LINK: http://www.instya.com/


Beaucoup is a meta search engine. It claims to be a one-stop shopping site for its ability to query 10 meta search engines at once, covering more than 2500 specialized databanks providing.

LINK: http://www.beaucoup.com/


CC Search lets you narrow searches by license type, title, creator, tags, collection and type of institution. It also includes social features, letting you make and share lists of favorite images, as well as add tags and favorites to individual items.

LINK: https://search.creativecommons.org/


SearchGalore.com allows users to search from close to 100 different search engines all from one place.

LINK: http://searchgalore.com/


It lets you easily send your search to one of several search engines. It also has links to search engine help pages.

LINK: http://www.thrall.org/lightswitch/general.html


iZito is a meta search engine with a clever feature. It searches multiple types of information from multiple sources to generate optimal results. In just one overview, you are able to get web pages, videos, news, products and results seen from Wikipedia.

LINK: http://www.izito.com/


Targ8 is meta search engine and it displays search results from a chosen search engine within a frame.

LINK: http://targ8.com/


Graball is meta search engine. It compares the search results of two selected search engines.

LINK: http://www.graball.com/