Sqoop saves you time and makes sure you don’t miss the story by giving you one place to search for company information, rather than spending hours each week conducting the same repetitive searches on a variety of public data sites.

LINK: https://sqoop.com/


Correctsearch is a news search engine. It providing spam free, mobile friendly search results relevant to your search keywords.

LINK: http://www.correctsearch.com/


Factbites is a news search engine that is more interested in content analysis than link popularity.

LINK: http://www.factbites.com/


Newslookup.com is a news search engine, news aggregator and news services provider founded by Michael Kynast in 2000.

LINK: http://www.newslookup.com/


Similar to Google News, you can keyword search across thousands of news sources found by Yahoo’s news crawling partner. Yahoo Full Coverage lets you browse categories of news, where articles and resources have been hand-assembled by Yahoo editors.

LINK: http://news.yahoo.com/


Provides the ability to keyword search across thousands of news sources found through crawling the web, while also providing the ability to browse categories of news where headlines are assembled automatically.

LINK: https://news.google.com/news/?ned=us&hl=en


Tool for journalists – Social Searcher is a search engine for social networks.
Search multiple social networks at the same time on this free website.

LINK: https://www.social-searcher.com/